Energy Saving Tips: Part2

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Petroleum Conservation Research Association (PCRA)

Petroleum Conservation Research Association (PCRA) is a registered society setup in 1978 under the aegis of Ministry of petroleum & Natural Gas, Government of India. As a non-profit organization, PCRA is a national government agency engaged in promoting energy efficiency in various sectors of economy. It helps the government in proposing policies and strategies for petroleum conservation, aimed at reducing excessive dependence of the country on oil requirements. Over the years, PCRA has enlarged its role in improving productivity in use of various sources of energy, for the purpose of achieving environment protection and sustainable development


To become center of excellence for conservation of hydrocarbons & environment protection for sustainable development on our inherent, strength


Efficient energy utilization and environment protection leading to improvement in quality of life.


Ø To formulate Strategies and promote measures for accelerating conservation of petroleum products leading to environment protection, energy security and sustainable development.

Ø To create awareness among masses about the importance, benefits and methods of conserving petroleum products & clean environment by enhancing information and capacity building.

Ø To promote research, development and deployment efforts aimed at petroleum conservation & environment protection, support & facilitate efforts for adoption and dissemination of fuel efficient technologies and substitution of petroleum products with alternate fuels and renewable.

Ø To establish synergistic institutional linkages at the national and international levels in the areas of petroleum conservation and environment protection.

Ø To provide training and technical advisory services, designed to achieve economy & efficiency in use of petroleum products for cleaner environment.

Ø To function as ‘Think Tank’ to the Government of India for proposing polices and strategies on petroleum conservation and environment protection aimed at reducing excessive dependence on oil.

Energy Efficiency – The fifth fuel

India consumed petroleum products worth Rs.4 lakh crores and its annual gross oil import bill was RS.3 lakh crores in 2008-09.

The demand of petroleum products in country is growing steadily at the rate of 2.5% per annum.

The need for additional crude oil can be minimized if we initiate strong energy efficiency measures.

PCRA is committed towards the fuel i.e. ‘energy efficiency’, augment the four conventional sources of energy of energy viz. coal, petroleum, nuclear and renewable. To achieve this, PCRA is relentlessly pursuing Demand Side Management as a cost effective alternative compared to augmenting supplies. This will also ensure India emerges as an environmentally responsible superpower.


PCRA’s programs focus on improvement in energy productivity through technological
Intervention, energy audit, fuel oil diagnostic study, small – scale industry energy survey, follow up study and institutional training in large, medium and medium and
small –scale industries.


Energy Audits and Fuel Diagnostic Studies :

PCRA activities in this sector include Energy Audits and Follow-Ups thereof, Fuel Oil Diagnostic Studies, Walk through Audits of the small – scale sector industrial. Seminars, Consumer Meets, Workshops, and Instructional Training Programmes. This sector accounts for month than 25% of the country’s total consumption of petroleum products with around similar level of conservation potential. During 2008-09, PCRA conducted 495 energy efficiency studies in the industrial sector that include Energy Audits (213). Fuel Oil Diagnostic Studies (163) and walk through Audits in Small Scale Industry (119). The Savings identified through these studies were 228777 KLOE (Rs.686 Crores) and the savings realized through follow up studies provided to clients for whom similar energy efficiency studies were conducted in the previous years was 74642 KLOE(Rs.224 crores) (Rate of FO=Rs.30000/- per KL).Some of the prominent Energy Audits carried out during 2008-09 include the following:

Oil industry

Ø IOCL Refinery at Baroda
Ø IOCL Refinery at Barauni
Ø ONGC Onshore Rigs, GGS, CTF & Plants – 19 Units in Mehsana
Ø IOCL Head Office at Bandra
Ø HPCL LPG Bottling plants in Gujarat ; 8 Nos
Ø IOCL (IIPM) Gurgaon
Ø IOCL (UPSO) Lucknow
Ø IOCL (TNSO) Chennai
Ø BPCL Lube Oil Terminal in Tamil Nadu : 2 Nos.
Ø Oil (OCS Installation) at Dikkom
Ø Oil (GCS Installation) at Shalmari
Ø Tamil MAdu Petro-products Ltd.

Government Building

Ø Orissa High Court in Cuttack
Ø Raj Bhawan in Guwahati
Ø Secretariat office in Guwahati
Ø GNB international Airport in Guwahati
Ø MTNL Telephone Exchange in Delhi
Ø Punjab National Bank (HQ) in Delhi
Ø Air Force Station in Lohagaon, Pune
Ø Asssam Administrative Staff College in Guwahati
Ø NASC Complex of CPWD in Delhi
Ø Central Social Welfare Board in Delhi
Ø Hotel Brahmaputra Ashok( ITDC) in Guwahati

Government Sector
Ø Indian Railways – Chittarankan Locomotiove Works
Ø Indian Railways – Guwahati Railways Station
Ø Indian Railways – Howrah Loco-shed
Ø Konkan Railway Corporation Building in Belapur (Navi Mumbai)
Ø Resident Mission (North – II) of UNDP / GEP Project for SRRM

Ø Amul Dairy – 41 Plants in Gujarat
Ø Milma dairy – 8 Plants in kerala
Ø Mother Dairy , Pilkhuwa Plants
Ø Central Coalfields Ltd, Mines in kithara, Swang & Jarangdih
Ø Star Wire Indai Limited, Faridabad
Ø UNDP/GEF Model SRRM Units – 10 Nos
Ø Tamil Nadu Newsprints Limited
Ø Hotel Taj Hari Mahal, Jodhpur
Ø The Tribune Trust, Chandigarth
Ø Hattigor TE & Kellyden TE of TATA Tea Ltd., in Assam
Ø Aparant Iron & Steel Pvt. Ltd. In Goa.
Ø Dainik Bhaskar Press in Nagpur


The potential and scope for conservation of petroleum products & electricity in this sector is huge. The use of non-ISI and substandard foot valves. Pumping sets and other equipment results in wastage of oil and electricity. PCRA extentends assistance through need-based rectification and replacement, with energy efficient ISI marks foot valves, pump sets etc. The other activities include demonstration centers, van publicity, Kisan melas, Bio Diesel awareness program and educational programs for students of agricultural colleges.


PCRA’s efforts in agriculture sector focuses on van puboicity, worksjhos on Bio Diesel, Kisan melas and exhibitions. During the year, PCRA participated in 49 kisan melas and conducted 357 Workshops where clippings and films produced by PCRA about the tips of fuel saving and demonstration of ISI mark, foot valve, Bio Diesel were shown.

Kisan Melas and Works shops /Clinics:

Through participants in various Kisan Melas, the scope of energy optimization through adoption of proper techniques pertaining to the respective agro climatic zone is conveyed. The stalls are put up at Kissan Melas and printed leaflets and PCRA representatives for spreading the message of energy conservation utilize PCRA’s developed films for agriculture sector.

Association with State Institute of Rural Development (SIRD):

PCRA took a promising initiative during 2006-2007 of reaching the vast rural masses, through integration of its educational activities with structured programmes of State Institute of a Rural Development (SIRD) in different states across the country.

During 2008-09, these programmes were continued with respective SIR5Ds and efforts for contacting more SIRDs introducing the PCRA module on energy conservation in their regular training program being conducted for the State Government functionaries were made. In addition collaboration with some SIRDs for developing a gallery of PCRA poster and literature and display of conservation messages through glow signboards were also taken demonstration etc. is designed to suit the profile of the participants, that include District, Block, manadal and Panchayat level officers, SHGs, Youth, Women, Students, etc. During the year, PCRA has networked with SIRDs through out the country, the results of which will be visible in the coming years. Programmes are scheduled to commence in the coming year in SIRD Sikkim, Assam, Meghalaya, Orissa, Pune, Raipur, Jabalpur and Ahmedabad.


PCRA plays an educator’s role in this sector to raise the awareness primarily amongst housewives and youth on energy conservation and safety practices through LPG/ kerosene clinics and essay competitions. Since 2005 – 06, the number of activities performed in each domestic workshop has been enhanced to make it more result – oriented.


The focus of PCRA activities during the year was on educating women on better cooking habits aimed at conservation of LPG and Kerosene, use of fuel-efficient stoves and lighting appliance, use of alternative sources of energy such as solar, bio-gas etc. This was supplemented through screening of PCRA produced films. PCRA conducted 343 awareness workshops during 2008-09.


PCRA organizes a variety of programs for youth by approaching schools. These constitute quiz, essay, debate and the painting competitions on topics related to energy conservation. PCRA aims to make young minds understand the issue of energy conservation and motivate them to apply and promote the cause of oil conservation into their widening spheres of domestic and professional lives. During the year, PCRA organized 716 youth programs in various schools, colleges and institutions within the country.